Motions are one of the main instruments of our political work in the Römer. With them, we can change our cityscape in a wide variety of ways. From the expansion of bike paths to free menstrual products at schools, everything is included. For large projects, we usually first pass a review motion to the relevant department so that it can assess the feasibility and costs of a project under the involvement of experts. Taking this review into account, the City Council then makes a final decision. 

With this motion (No. 760), we take steps to promote sports offerings for children and adolescents from the LGBTQIA+ community. The aim

No 750 The Frankfurt City Council proposes an assessment of how subway stations in the city can be architecturally and artistically designed

This motion (No. 748) addresses the promotion of girls’ and women’s soccer, especially following the success of the German women’s national soccer

The city council mandates with this motion (No. 741) an assessment for the establishment of an “Archive for Migration Films” at the

The motion (No. 738) instructs the city council to revise the subsidy program for the modernization of residential buildings, with the aim

With this motion (No. 723), the city council is instructed to review all “free-flowing right turn lanes” (lanes that allow turning right

What we stand for:

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