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Who is Volt?

Volt is a european movement with more then 22.000 members in 31 nations. Already, more then 110 elected officials in the European Parliament, the national parliament of the Netherlands, and in cities all over Europe are members of Volt, including in Frankfurt. Founded in 2016, Volt was a reaction to Brexit. We realized: the challanges of our time can only be solved by working together. Be it climate change or the pandemic, national parties can only offer national solutions to these international problems.

On March 14th 2021 Frankfurt held elections. On this day, the people of Frankfurt elected the ‘Stadtverordnetenversammlung’ (StVV – Frankfurt Parliament), the ‘Ortsbeiräte’ (OBR – district parliaments) and the ‘Kommunale Ausländervertretung’ (KAV – representation of non-EU-citizens).

Although participating for the first time, 3.7% of voters chose Volt and gave us 4 of the 93 seats in the parliament of Frankfurt.  These seats are filled by Martin, Britta, Elisa and Johannes.

‘Volt im Römer’ is the name of the faction we form. Together with the factions of the ‘Grüne’, ‘SPD’ and ‘FDP’ we agreed to a government coalition. 

Volt members were also elected to ‘Ortsbeiräte’ 3, 4 and 12 and to the ‘KAV’. 

The Latest

Here we present some of the topics most important to us. Of course, this does not mean that we neglect other topics. If you want to get an overview of everything we have been doing, read through our motions on this site or take a look at our social media.

How can you help homeless people during the Winter?

If you see people sleeping outside in the cold, there is an easy way to help: call the ‘Kältebus’ at 069 43 14 14 and tell them where the person is sleeping.  The bus will supply them with blankets and warm tea.

Of course, this only fights the symptoms of the underlying problem of homelessness. We want to eliminate homelessness by establish the ‘Housing First’ best practise. ‘Housing First’ means giving the homeless housing without any conditions attached, then helping them to reintegrate into society. In Finnland, ‘Housing First’ helps to reduce the number of homeless people year by year.

Auf bunten Hintergrund Schrift. Abgebildet ist die Telefonnummer des Frankfurter Kältebus. Sie lautet 069 431 414. Der Kältebus verteilt über den winter Decken, Schlafsäcke und heißen Tee. Außerdem wird den Menschen Transport zu Unterkünften angeboten.

'Urbane Daten Plattform'

The ‘Urbane Daten Plattform’ presents data collected in Frankfurt in a clear and structured way. Citiziens need to have easy access to public data, because informed citizens are the bedrock of every democracy.

Volt im Römer requested the allocation of funds for this project and the  Department for digitalisiation and citizen Empowerment put it into practise.

About Us

Volt Frankfurt: The Political Party

Volt Frankfurt is part of Volt Europe – the first pan-European party. In Frankfurt, at the heart of Europe, we fight for a progressive, sustainable and united EU. We work according to the motto: Think global, act local.

Nearly one million people live and work in Frankfurt. The challenges we face are shared with over 100 million people in metropolises all over Europe. Volt stands for the urban life of tomorrow, using progressive and pragmatic solutions. 

We want to implement solutions that were already proven successful in other European cities. Be it lowering rents like in Vienna, cycling like in Copenhagen or digital government services like Estland: we want to solve Problems, instead of just pushing them to the next election cycle.

What we stand for:

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