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In order to convey our positions on current political topics to journalists, we publish press releases. Generally, we strive to write these as short and concise as possible. If needed however, more information on the topics covered can often be found on other parts of this website or on our social media. If you want your e-mail address to be added to our mailing list, feel free to contact us!

The city of Frankfurt is already responding to existing deficiencies in the realities of women and girls with a wide range of services. However, there is still much to do

The opera has fallen back into outdated behavior patterns in its performance last Sunday Racism has nothing to do with art Last Sunday, the premiere of “Le Grand Macabre” was

Consequences must follow overpriced decisions It was not an easy decision for the Volt faction to agree to today’s proposal to rent the new property at Börsenstraße. Ultimately, the tense

Weapons and Knife Ban Zone in the Train Station District Could Offer a Solution Volt welcomes the security policy initiative of the Mayor Evidence-based figures can point the way forward

Ursula von der Leyen delivers the annual State of the European Union speech, followed by Frankfurt students at Massiv Central. Young people must be able to actively participate in democratic


The Most Important Facts About Volt

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Volt. The name says it all – (renewable) “Energy for Europe”. Volt was founded in March 2017 by a Frenchwoman, an Italian and a German, as a reaction to the brexit and the strengthening of the right wing in Europe. Their goal: creating the first real european political party. The movement aims to realise a Europe, where all citiziens have an equal voice. Volt believes, that global challanges require paneuropean solutions. Since its founding the movement grew by people of all ages and occupations. Today, Volt is represented in more then 30 European nations, with teams in hundreds of cities. Through building a sustainable and equitable society in Europe, we can take advantage of green opportunities,  organise dignified and responsible migration and promote fairness and gender equality.


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Volt im Römer

Volt im Römer is the Volt-Faktion in Frankfurts parliament, the ‘Stadtverordnetenversammlung’. Our 4 representatives Martin, Britta, Elisa and Johannes are part of the gouverning majority in coalition with Grüne, FDP and SPD.

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