Here is the translation of the press release:

Weapons and Knife Ban Zone in the Train Station District Could Offer a Solution

Volt welcomes the security policy initiative of the Mayor

Evidence-based figures can point the way forward for the future

Volt in the Römer welcomes the steps announced by Mayor Mike Josef for the train station district and is pleased that all the points proposed by Volt in recent months are now being implemented, though not on the basis of a hazard prevention ordinance, which would have had to be passed by the city council. Under the planned order of the Mayor, it is not possible to include objects resembling weapons in the ban, only knives of 4-12 centimeters are additionally covered by the regulation. After a year, there is to be a scientific evaluation by the University of Giessen.

“Considering the crime statistics in the train station district, it is correct and important to try out a weapons and knife ban zone. This gives officers an additional tool during the ongoing personal checks to be able to confiscate knives, which can then be removed from potential criminal activity,” states Johannes Hauenschild, security policy spokesperson for Volt in the Römer. “However, the announced evaluation after one year is very important in order to be able to assess the actual impact of the measures. This can be important for the deliberation of the city councilors in the future, after all, it is not ruled out to find a consensus for a hazard prevention ordinance at a later date, if the measure was successful,” Johannes Hauenschild continues.

From the perspective of Volt in the Römer, the slimmed-down version of a weapons and knife ban zone is naturally not enough. In addition to further expansion of social assistance, we must also address, for example, the issue of the restructuring of the district, public toilets, or the problem of e-scooter rentals.

“Only a holistic approach brings about noticeable changes. I also expect the state to contribute the promised support for the train station district,” demands Johannes Hauenschild in conclusion.

Volt Frankfurt: the political party

Volt Frankfurt is part of Volt Europe, the first party that is the same all over Europe. In Frankfurt, at the heart of Europe, we fight for a progressive, sustainable and united EU. We work according to the motto: Think global, act local.

Nearly one million people live and work in Frankfurt. The challanges we face are shared with over 100 Million people in metropolies all over europe. Volt stands for the urban living of tomorrow, using progressive and pragmatic solutions. 

We want to implement concepts that were already proven successful in other european cities. Be it lowering rents like Vienna, cycling like in Copenhagen or digital gouvernment services like Estland: we want to solve Problems, instead of just pushing them to the next election cycle.

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