Protecting and Supporting Women

The city of Frankfurt is already responding to existing deficiencies in the realities of women and girls with a wide range of services. However, there is still much to do in the field of women’s politics, especially as new threats emerge.

For the Volt faction in the Römer, International Women’s Day on March 8th is traditionally a very important day. Misogyny, femicides, and general unequal treatment – all of this must no longer be a part of our society. Nevertheless, countless women in Frankfurt and everywhere else are exposed to discrimination, sexism, and violence every day. The faction actively and vehemently opposes this.

“Protection against violence and prevention of violence are the most urgent tasks in the area of women’s politics for us,” says Britta Wollkopf, the faction’s spokesperson for women’s politics. “At the municipal level, this also includes structural support for women’s shelters. Our directive to eliminate the twelve-month rule for access to social housing for cases of protection against violence was therefore an important milestone,” she recalls a decision by the coalition from last year that finally implemented a demand from women’s shelters that was over 40 years old.

Furthermore, the faction considers that women and girls are increasingly exposed to insults, threats, and hate on the internet or social media. “This gender-specific violence in digital worlds exacerbates the already existing imbalance in public discourse, as it can cause so-called silencing effects,” adds Britta Wollkopf. Therefore, the faction calls on the federal government to quickly follow up the new EU consumer protection rights with actions through the Digital Services Act.

Volt Frankfurt: the political party

Volt Frankfurt is part of Volt Europe, the first party that is the same all over Europe. In Frankfurt, at the heart of Europe, we fight for a progressive, sustainable and united EU. We work according to the motto: Think global, act local.

Nearly one million people live and work in Frankfurt. The challanges we face are shared with over 100 Million people in metropolies all over europe. Volt stands for the urban living of tomorrow, using progressive and pragmatic solutions. 

We want to implement concepts that were already proven successful in other european cities. Be it lowering rents like Vienna, cycling like in Copenhagen or digital gouvernment services like Estland: we want to solve Problems, instead of just pushing them to the next election cycle.

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